Monday, January 11, 2016

Bright and Mt Buffalo day trip

I was so looking forward to this day trip...I get ants in my pants if I don't get out and about every so often! (just a warning...this post is photo heavy!)

First we stopped at Myrtleford for a pizza roll and a donut and then headed for the long windy road up to the top of Mt Buffalo.

We decided to hike up "The Horn"...way up high! It was such a beautiful day for it! 

 We made it!

One last family photo once we reached the bottom again...

Next stop...Bright for an ice-cream and a play at the splash park and river...

Louis was brave enough to go on the waterslide!

 Then the boys had a play at the splash park...

and the river!

 Such an awesome day!  Beautiful scenery and my favourite people!

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