Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis May 2005


01st: (15weeks)

02nd: More bad dreams.

04th: Dr Appt.  Blood pressure is all good.  60/105.  Heard heart beat and baby giving little kicks.

06th: Was lying down after a shower and felt a "pop".  Was it the first little kick?

08th: (16weeks) Mothers Day. Conned Michael into breakfast in bed.  Feeling more "pops" in my tummy when I lie down.  Went for a walk.

09th: Feeling so much better.  No more movements.

12th: Woke up in a panic to think my belly was gone.

13th: Better dreams.  2kg weight gain so far.

14th: Sore back.  Sick with a cold.

15th: (17weeks) 

16th: Still sick with a cold.  Belly pocking out a little more.

17th: Feeling little pops again.

21st: Felt a big thud.

22nd: (18weeks)

23rd: My 24th Birthday.  7 year anniversary of togetherness with Michael. 

24th: Our 2 year wedding anniversary.  Felt a big kick.  I had a dream it was going to be a boy.  I ate so many choc mint bikkies I needed to sleep half upright so I didn't throw up.  Hahaha.

25th: Give my little belly a rub each morning, very excited for it to be growing.  Felt movements while watching TV and sitting at the computer.  Had heartburn.

27th: Woke up dizzy and headachy but felt better after breakfast.

29th: (19weeks)

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