Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis June 2005


01st: Dr Appt.  Heart heartbeat and Louis gave a big kick.  Tummy measuring spot on.

02nd: Heartburn.

03rd: Eating too much junk food.

04th: Taught, shopped and then slept all afternoon.

05th: (20weeks) Half way mark!

06th: Looking stocky, not overly pregnant although could see the bottom of my belly button! Can feel much bigger kicks.

08th: It's a BOY! I was so excited I was up at 5.20am! Ultrasound went really well and bubba looks perfect.  So excited!  We already had decided on a name for a boy.  Louis Robert Visser. 

(Seriously, this was me half way through my first pregnancy?  Crazy!)  

09th: 3 - 3.5kg gain. Slept in until 10am!

11th: Michael and I headed down to the Great Ocean Road for a getaway.  We were both laying on the bed in our little cabin and we could see my tummy moving.  Michael also felt Louis kicking for the first time.

12th: (21weeks) It was so great to have a getaway before we became parents.  A beautiful weekend.

15th: Colostrum already!

19th: (22weeks)

21st: Getting lots of kicks and belly was growing bigger.  Leaking colostrum.

23rd: Loving watching my belly move when Louis kicks.  Was busy with the dance school.  Starting to wonder how I'll manage with a new baby and a dance concert only weeks afterwards. 

24th: The beginnings of sciatic pain.

26th: (23weeks)

29th: Dr Appt.  All good. Nothing beats hearing that heart beat.

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