Saturday, December 31, 2005


Now that Louis was feeling better he was sleeping a lot better as well.  He is trying to wriggle around on the floor.

Louis loves watching cartoons and will often chat to the tv for 20 minutes.  I had indian food for dinner last night which seemed to cause an explosion on one little boys nappy.  Everywhere...through nappy, clothes and wrap.  Holy moly. 

On Thursday he had his 2 month old vaccination.

We had a great Mothers Group that week.  So good to make new friends.

Here's some cute video we took on Friday 16th...

10 weeks old and only waking once overnight for a feed.  Yeah! Unfortunately day time naps are just that.  Very short 20-40 minute naps.  It kind of drives me crazy.

Louis had his first Santa photo!  Cute! Tummy time is improving  and he had a big afternoon sleep.

Wednesday Louis had his physio appointment and things are on the improve which is great news.  Louis has started using his hands a lot more and pointing his fingers.

I had a worry today about his feeding and growth so we had a quick check up with the MCHN.  He is weighting 5.5 kg and growing well. He had gone from the 10th percentile on the charts to the 50th percentile. 

First Christmas!! Santa brought Louis a  leappad learning system. 

Boxing day we headed up to Bonnie Doon to visit Oma and Opa.  Overnight sleeps were a bit stressful bit we all had a great time.

Friday it was 43 degrees so Louis had a little swim in the baby pool!  He wasn't very sure though!

We went home on New Years Eve to get some rest and gear up for a fun 2006 because what an amazing year 2005 was.  I became a Mum!!!  Honestly, my absolute dream came true.  I couldn't have been happier with our little family.  Such a lucky person I am. 

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