Sunday, February 12, 2006

Loving this Mummy business...

Life is pretty great right now.  Louis has been turning his head and looking like he'll get ready to roll soon.  I bought him some cute little shoes!

We have a great little play on the couch together each day.  I love making him giggle.  Louis is eating a heap of solids as well as his milk feeds and I wake him for a 10.30pm dream feed also.

We went to the movies again and watched "Walk the line" and Louis was great.  He ate pumpkin for the first time and loved it.  He ate 2 icecubes worth!

Wednesday 09th Feb: 4 months old!!  

At Mothers group this week Louis saw a dog and thought it was the most interesting thing.  Robbie and Lea babysat Louis while we went out to Luna Park for the night for Valentines Day.   

Where's Louis? Haha. 

I had to teach on Saturday and Louis wouldn't have a bottle for Michael.  I think the ship has sailed as he's just not interested in it anymore after having such a big break without it over Christmas.

On Sunday we had lunch at Nannas house.  Luke and Kelly adore Louis.  

Love those kids. 

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