Saturday, September 30, 2006

September Bits & Pieces

A collection of moments over the month:

We had play time at the park...


More croupy coughs and sniffles...

We celebrated Michael's first Father's day!  What a lucky boy is to have such a fantastic hands on Dad...

Then I got sick with a cold (right in the midst of early pregnancy and organising a dance concert!).

Louis riding high on Dad's shoulders...

Lunch at Pa's for Father's Day but no photos...

Lot's of cleaning up after being unwell and listening to Louis chat with so many words!
Feeling really excited about becoming a Mum to 2 little ones!  Watching them grow and develop into little people is the most amazing experience. 

Some new shoes...

Painful drop off to daycare on Thursday afternoon.  Louis gets so upset and I feel awful.  He only stays 2 1/2 hours once a week but the guilt I feel is out of this world.  He's always so excited to see me when I get home from teaching (Michael picks him up when he gets home from work). 
The other downfall to daycare has been the by Friday or Saturday almost every week he seems to come down with another cold or virus. 

Michael's been working Saturdays and even with his Dad up at Bonnie Doon on RDO's.  It's so hard to have him away even though the extra money is good. 

I'm looking to finish up the dance school at the end of the year if I can't sell it.  It feels like it will be far too much to manage with another baby on the way.

New Thomas the Tank Engine Pj's (and a spotty rash to match...poor little munchkin)

Steve Irwin (The Wildlife Warrior) died...I was devastated watching the memorial.  Such a loss.

We visited poor Oma Dukker to say our goodbyes.  It was so sad and very emotional when she said that she was praying for my babies every night.  She passed away the next night with no pain and with her family around her.  So heartbreaking.

I hit 10 weeks pregnant...the time is flying by!

We celebrated Mum's birthday with lunch at her house...

With so much going on I have felt really tired and have been getting headaches.  It's been enough just to keep my head above water.

Louis and I had a big day out to visit our wondering Belly Belly forum friends...

From left Tracey & baby Jordan, Cindy and baby Tori, Nikki and baby Chantelle and me with Louis...


We had Oma Dukker's funeral which was heart wrenching...I came home to have a big cry because you can't always have a big cry at funerals can you?  Always feels like I'm holding it all in really.

I went food shopping and bought way too much junk food...can I blame it on pregnancy?

11 weeks pregnant, a mini shopping spree and a trip up to Bonnie Doon for the weekend!

September...that's a wrap! 

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