Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Autumn fun...

Jayden with his Autumn leaf...

OK, so I was a little excited about Autumns arrival!  Funnily enough, it was actually a cool rainy day in amongst all of the hot weather we've had so at least it looked a little like Autumn! 

The boys posing under the tree...we're keeping an eye out for the leaves to start changing colours

Admittedly, Dylan was a little hesitant to get out in the drizzle and moaned and groaned a little but once he was out there he actually enjoyed himself...

A walk down near the lake with our dog Daisy

It was so nice to get out in the rain and to explore around our home...

We found an unusual new species of Koala...we shall name him "Ethan"

Back indoors for a yummy treat! 

I saw these little pastries on Pinterest.  Basically just shortcrust pasty thawed and cut into leaf shapes.  The boys each got to fill theirs with a selection of goodies....white and milk choc bits, mini marshmallows, banana slices, pie apple, strawberries - they each made their own with their favourites.  Seal them together with a little egg and brush over the top, sprinkle with raw sugar and in the oven!  Oh and we had to initial them all on top so we knew who creations were who's!  They were really yummy!  Pity we didn't have a bigger cookie cutter as they were quite small but very moreish!!

Our Autumn Hand Tree

Again, another Pinterest idea...(I'm just a little obsessed at the moment)  It was so much fun and the boys loved comparing the different sizes of their hands.  It's taken pride of place on the wall in our kitchen!!

There's nothing I love better than spending time with my boys (husband included!) and since the move to the country I am noting a lot more seasonal changes.  I'm not sure whether it's because there is a lot more nature to see or if life is just a little more relaxed and slow paced that I notice.  I used to long for the hot days of summer but I'm starting to appreciate the Autumn and Winter seasons as well...every season has it's beauty...

Do you celebrate the change of seasons in your home? 

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