Monday, March 18, 2013

Fathering Adventures Father-Son weekend

March 15-17th 2013
Michael and Louis's Father-Son Adventure weekend!
What an amazing weekend the boys had!  Louis was so excited to head off with his Dad for a fun weekend, just the two of them!  I packed them up and sent them on their way and only had the photo's and happy faces to look at upon their return.  Dylan is now super excited for his turn when he turns 7yo! 

Accommodation at Mill Valley Ranch

That's a tired boy posing, not an unhappy one! Lol...





A magic moment between father and son that brought Louis to tears because "It was so special"...

The weekend was run by Fathering's a little info from their site:

‘Fathering Adventures’, founded by Darren Lewis back in July 2008, is an adventure-based organization, devoted to turning the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers, as well as providing opportunities for men to initiate boys into young manhood, young men into authentic manhood, and bless & release girls / young women into authentic womanhood.

Darren and his wife have devoted their lives to helping families and I strongly support the work that they are doing.   They are amazing people! 

They not only run Father-son adventures but also Father-daughter weekends as well. The weekends are held for ages 7-13, while the 4 and 5 day adventures are from 13-70! 

They are held in QLD, NSW and now in Victoria, but check the website for current dates and availability. 

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