Monday, September 8, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

What a great round of celebrations for Fathers Day this year!

We made this for Pa. (Printable found here)

We visited Pa and my brother Robbie's caravan at Eildon on the Saturday.  All was going well until everyone started complaining they were feeling sick.  Throw up sick.  Oh dear.

We all had an amazing BBQ feast for lunch though.  Ethan and Jayden didn't eat at all and were so lethargic.  Poor little things. 

Here's Pa getting stuck into lunch. 

And no gathering would be the same without Pa serving ice-cream.  

 Sitting in the sun enjoying their ice-cream!

Jayden hadn't eaten all day, but decided to go for an ice-cream.  Yes, that's a bucket with him in case he throws up.  Surprisingly enough, not only did he not throw up, he actually perked up from all of that sugar for about half an hour before crashing again...

 Family photo.  My brother Robbie, me and my Dad. 

The bigger boys ran around the caravan park to the playground and after all of that came in to veg in front of the TV before he headed back home. 

A great day shared with family celebrating all these great fathers.  Love it.  

 Then on Sunday we celebrated Michael in the morning (I'm not sure why I don't have more photos?)  We cooked him a big brekky in bed and brought in a coffee.  Jayden had made this little card earlier in the week...

He also got spoiled with extra gifts and cards from the boys. 

 Everyone was still not feeling the best but we trekked over to celebrate with Michael's parents.  I didn't take many photos here either as I was starting to feel really unwell by then as well.   Didn't even get a photo with Michael and his Dad.  Good bunch we are! 

Michael's Mum:

 Luckily I managed to take some of Michael and the boys though:

Michael with Jayden...




 and my favourite photo of all of my favourite people!

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