Monday, July 20, 2015

A much needed day out...

Exactly one month ago today I decided the boys and I needed a fun day out.  We had all been niggly and cranky at one another and in my opinion the only way to fix that is to go out and have some fun!

We loaded up in the car and headed off to Shepparton. 

Just getting in the car was enough to adjust everyone's attitude and lift spirits.  (Ethan's not sad in the photo above, he just has his head buried in a book).

We had driven not even 30 minutes when we saw a koala on the side of the road!  I wasn't able to take a picture, but it was the cutest thing.  The boys were beyond excited to see a Koala in "for real life" and it really made our day.  Although, it was around this time that we already started wishing Dad was with us.  I think over the course of the day it was said about 20 times that we wish Dad could be here.  (Of course, Dad was busy building up at the house).

First stop was lunch at Hungry Jacks...

The boys rarely eat this kind of food so it's always a bit of a treat for them (as you can tell by their faces!)

of course they scoff down their food just so they can get to the playground...

So fun seeing them have so much fun.  One of my most favourite parts of motherhood is seeing their faces light up like that!

Then we were off to Aquamoves!  We had the place basically to ourselves and for a $15.40 family swim price you don't get much better value than that!

I had suggested that Ethan and Jayden have one try of the waterslide just because we "try new things" and they both said that once was enough.  For all of about 30 seconds anyway until they decided to go down again and again and again.  I was rushed off my feet catching those boys at the bottom.  They were so brave and I was so proud of them.

Here's Jayden: 



and Louis:

Ethan also attempted his first swim without any floatation aids and feet off the proud of this guy who used to be so scared of the water!

We dried off and headed home pretty satisfied that we'd had an amazing, simple fun day out as a family!


  1. What a great day out. Aquamoves is awesome so much fun! I use to be anti McDonalds fiercely but when we go on road trips we go to Maccas because we already eat such good home cooked food at home and like you said it's a treat. We are going on a family day out to the Dinosaur Museum in Canberra on the weekend. So looking forward to it; had a few really down in the dumps crappy weeks. Can't wait!

    1. Sorry I haven't replied earlier! Yes, everything in moderation I think! I hope you had a great time at the dinosaur museum - I'm sure my boys would love that! Countdown is on for Spring to arrive!

  2. Its the small things that count and they are never more happy than when we visit Macca's! Good to see they enjoyed swimming, did they sleep on the way home? My kids are always smashed after swimming. House sounds like it is coming along well.

    1. Hi Sally! Thanks for visiting! No, the boys didn't sleep on the way home. My boys will fight it every step of the way! Haha.