Monday, February 28, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis February 2005

Written in 2014 and backdated...(not many sad about that now) I kept a basic calender and also wrote a lot in a forum called which I have luckily been able to look into some of the archives).  I  made some beautiful online friends, who became friends in real life and it was such an amazing place to connect, especially when I didn't have any other friends or family having babies at the time)

February 2005: 

Oh how I wanted to be pregnant.  The first month of trying was a no go and I had such a strong desire to fall pregnant.  I had been buying pregnancy and baby magazines for months and wanted nothing more than to become a mother.

10th: I tested negative on cycle day 31.  Bugger.

17th: Sick with flu

18th: Sick with flu, off my food.

19th: A few other symptoms are popping up...

20th: (5weeks) I am cleaning the bathroom and empty the bin which still has the old test in it.  I notice that there is the faintest of faint positives showing up.  I re-test and a super strong line appears!! I'm pregnant!!!! I cried happy tears and called Michael!  So excited! I decided I should probably wait before I tell anyone.

21st: I've told all of my family and my best friend.  Haha.  That didn't last long at all.  I go for a walk.

22nd: Dr appt - Blood test

23rd: Moody and off my food.  Everything tastes funny. 

24th: Blood test results back.  All good - even Iron.  (Which I was happy about because I'm vegetarian)

25th: Couldn't help myself and went shopping and bought baby socks, singlets and jumpsuits.  I'm vague and forgetful (so that's when it started...haha)

27th: (6weeks) Tour of the Angliss hospital (I was in super planning mode obviously!)

28th: Bought a new car (It was a Ford Fairmont - you know a real family car!  I really didn't mess around back then!) Waves of nausea.

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