Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Vintage: Sydney Holiday

 Our second trip for 2004 and we were just as excited!

We slept in on Friday morning and nearly missed our flight which was a bit of a stress.  Our friend Ben picked us up from the airport and we went and had breakfast in Glebe.

We were definitely not used to the city/cafe lifestyle.  Fun for a weekend but not really something we're into.   We headed to Bondi beach which was great.  The people were very interesting and strange! haha. 

We checked into our hotel which was OK.  We went and had dinner and then went to Bens' gig.  First impressions of Sydney were great!

Saturday we drove Ben's car back and had some breakfast.  We went to the car show which the boys thoroughly enjoyed!!

We went to another gig with Ben and had a tour of Kings Cross.  It was a huge day Ben dropped us off at the hotel and we crashed.

Sunday, Ben picked us up again and we had breakfast and a stroll around Glebe market.  I think we did a few other bits and pieces that I can't recall and then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Arias.

Silly me thought it started at 7.30 but that's when it must have started on TV so when we got there everyone was already seated and it had begun!! Whoops!  It was fun watching the performances.

Sunday we drove back to Ben's, had brekky again and went to and watched a movie.  It was a bit rainy and it took us a fair while to get to the airport so we nearly missed our flight home.  Luckily it was delayed so we made it.

It was huge weekend and we as much as we had an amazing time there really is no place like home!

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