Sunday, November 13, 2005


I don't have any photos from this week other than a nudey one I'm not going to post.

We had a lot happening though.

On  Monday we had Louis's MCHN are his stats for 4 weeks old:

Weight: 4kg / 8lb 13
Height: 53cm
Head 36.7cm

On Wednesday he was already 1 month old! Crazy.  His skin was breaking out and he was starting to lose some of his baby hair.

The feeds were starting to take less time which was great and Louis started to stay up and have a little play before another nap which was fun.  I was certain I saw some little smiles!

Michael had Louis while I was at work on Friday and gave him a bottle of expressed milk.  So far so good.

Saturday we went out to the pub for Pa's birthday lunch which was fun.

Sunday I went for a walk and had Louis in the pram.  He had a big sleep and when he woke up he really did have his first real big smile.  I may or may not have been completely teary at this point.  Haha.  A big 5 weeks old today!

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