Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smiles and storm before the calm...

 First smiles on camera!!
6 weeks 1 day

We bought Louis a Kick n whirl carnival for Christmas but I couldn't wait and gave it to him now.  Louis is loving having baths now.  

Look at that serious face!  

Louis loves to wee on us when we change his nappy! 

Cuddles with Nanna...
6 weeks 2 days

This last week was so hectic in preperations for the concert.  It was really stressful and I was so looking forward to having a long break until the end of January.   Wednesday night I had my dance school concert.  Luckily Robbie and Lea babysat for us so Michael and Nanna could be there helping me out as well.  The night was a success and I could breathe a big sigh of relief that it was all finished! 

6 weeks 4 days

 Cute outfit all ready for mothers group.  It was great to chat with other Mums!
MCHN stats:
Weight: 4.77kg or 10.5lb
Height: 54.5cm

6 weeks 5 days

On the weekend Louis had his first trip to Oma and Opas farm at Bonnie Doon
 6 weeks 6 days

Big cuddles with Oma

He must have had a growth spurt in the country because he's officially grown out of all of the "0000" clothing and is in all "000". 

Tuesday we had the ante-natal reunion and Louis was LOUD.  So loud.  He's really noticing everything now as well.  Looking around and observing.  
He chats away to us and makes lots of noise.  We noticed that he's started to get a little flat spot on his head. 

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