Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grass fire...

We decided to surprise the boys after school with a trip to my in-laws to go swimming.  It had been another super hot February day and thought it would be nice to cool off. 

Just as we were heading a thunderstorm came over and there was a quick downpour.  We turned on to the dirt road heading to their house and the temperature had already started to rise back up again.  Michael had looked out the window and noticed the start of a fire over in the paddocks!   We couldn't stop and do anything because the phone reception is so not very good out there, so we kept heading to my In-laws home. 

We raced inside and let Michael's Dad know and he jumped on the phone.  They then headed up to their back paddock to see what was happening. 

Soon enough there were water helicopters helping local CFA to put the fire out.  Grass fires can spread so quickly we were a little concerned for a while when the smoke started blowing close to the house, but then it quickly turned away again luckily. 

After a while, the boys still wanted to go for their swim, and while I felt a little odd about it, there was nothing else that we could do.  Michael and his Dad were still up at the property boundary to make sure it wasn't a threat to the house so we knew we were all safe and sound. 

It sure was a bit of excitement for the evening and luckily the fire was out by the next morning with no damage to any home's or sheds. The volunteer CFA guys do such an amazing job and we have had such a busy fire season this year.  They are absolute heroes in my opinion!

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