Monday, February 3, 2014

First days...

3 boys at school this year!  It's just a crazy concept.  I used to be so scared of this moment but it's actually been really amazing.  They're all thriving and really enjoying themselves which is so great. 

1st day of grade 3 for Louis

1st day of grade 1 for Dylan

The boys love having each other at school.

Ethan's 1st day of prep!  He was beyond excited!

I drove in for the first half week and then they all got to catch the bus together.  The look forward to it far more than me driving them!

Love that smile!

Brothers all together!  Jayden can't wait for school as well. 

Jayden had his 1st day of 3yo Kinder.  This is the second year he's attending.  We could have enrolled him in 4yo kinder but I would rather him start school as 5 turning 6.  I like the fact that he will be more than ready to go to school and have a lot of confidence rather than the other way around.  It also means that the boys will all turn 18 in year 12.  I think it would be really limiting for them living in a country area with no public transport, once school finishes with no license!

So, that's all their first days for another year...they've had a great start and I'm looking forward to watching as they all grow and develop over the year.  I'm so incredibly grateful for these boys, I sure am one lucky Mum. 

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