Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Super Mum alter ego...

So I have a Super Mum alter ego.

She mostly comes out at night when the kids are asleep, the house is calm and peaceful and I have time to ponder.

She's pretty amazing.  She ploughs through a to-do list like nothing else, she manages her family and her home, travels, is fit and healthy and always looks well put together.  She cooks organic food from scratch and is available for school events and activities.  She runs marathons.  She is home every afternoon for her kids with afternoon tea.  She's great at craft and playtime and likes to read stories each night as she tucks her children in to sleep.  She also loves 1 on 1 times with each of them each day.  She enjoys romantic time with her husband every evening. 

She runs a business or two.  In diverse areas such as farming and tourism to the health and wellness industry.  She works minimal hours, has time for her family and earns a great income.

Of course, she does this all effortlessly, never loses her cool and knows how to socialise and have fun. 

She also has plenty of luxurious me time in there to look after herself.  Spa days and massages.  Retreats and seminars.

Oh, and she spends a portion of her time volunteering and giving back to the community. 

She really is pretty amazing...but unfortunately she is a work of fiction.   She doesn't exist, nor do I believe she ever will. 

Now back to real life and what's in my heart.

My heart tells me to slow down, enjoy these precious boys. 

Slow down and enjoy motherhood with my whole being.

Focus and live in the present.

Be grateful and content with all that I have right now. 

My heart tells me, that my family won't care about much of what this Super Mum alter ego achieves.  They will care about how I make them feel. 

That my role at home is the most important thing in the world and I'm the only one that can mother my children.  You can't outsource that.

I'm the only one that can be a wife to my husband. 

My heart tells me, that there is such joy to be found in the simple things.  There is even so much joy to be found in the mundane.  The never ending tasks that are on repeat day in and day out.  There is love and nurturing in providing food, a comfortable home and fresh, clean clothes.  In teaching life skills and guiding these little hearts as they grow and face challenges.  In stopping the squabbles and wrestling that goes on between 4 energetic little boys. 

My heart tells me, everything is how it should be right now and to embrace it.  Keep putting relationships and love first.

My heart says to accept myself for who I am. Right now.

My heart says, let go of the idea of Super Mum...let go of ego and just be. 

Do you have an alter ego?  I'd love to hear how you balance your big dreams with your reality?   Do you think it's possible to "have it all" while remaining true to your basic core values?

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