Sunday, October 12, 2014

September school holidays

We headed down to Melbourne for a few days to catch up with family and friends.

First the boys spotted a blue tongue lizard in the front yard as we were about to leave.  So cool!

We made it just in time for Nanna's birthday dinner.  Check out that cake!

Happy Birthday Mum!

My Aunty Nella made these super cute teddies for the boys...they love them.  She's so clever.

We all felt spoilt because Mum actually cooked up a storm for US on her birthday. 

I loaded up my very sleepy boys and we headed off for a sleepover at my Dad's house.

In the morning we headed off to Lilydale Lake for a play and a catch up again with Nanna and my friend Bean and her two girls. 

Back to Dad's house for a catch up and some dinner (and we can't forget the ice-cream!).

My Dad and his wife Olivia. 

I'm so grateful for their hospitality.  It's not always easy having my little family tornado roll through but they are always happy to have us stay.  

The next morning we decided to head home. I had two boys with sniffles and two who were tired and there's no place like home!  I must admit I was a little worn out myself,  so we loaded up the car when I received a message from Michael's brother Danny to head over and visit their new house.  Of course the kids perked right up and off we went.

Danny and Kylie have two beautiful girls, April and Ruby.  The boys adore their cousins and love seeing them.

Here's April and Danny...

Kylie and Ruby...

The boys LOVED the music room...

They were so thankful to receive a box set of Captain Underpants books.

Oh and then Mario Kart on the Wii...

Did I mention these kids were in heaven and didn't want to leave?

Such a great afternoon, but with a long trip ahead of us we had to say our goodbyes.  So grateful for such a wonderful weekend filled with people we love.

We're looking forward to doing it again over summer!

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