Monday, October 20, 2014

5 simple activities for family fun!

Spending time with the kids doing something fun shouldn't have to involve a degree in education and a second mortgage to pay for.  (Although, that can be fun on occasion too!).

So here are 4 simple ways we've had fun lately...

1. Make Goop

2 cups of cornflour
2 cups of water
Food colouring

Mix in a container until combined and let the kids go crazy.  I actually think for the mix I made I didn't measure it just added enough ingredients until it looked right.
The boys loved it because it's quite solid to pick up and then melts in their hand.  Mum and Dad may have had a little try as well because it really is pretty great.

2. Tracing pictures

This was really fun...simply ask the kids to choose a picture book and sticky tape some baking paper over the top of it.  Grab some pencils and copy away.  The boys weren't sure about it all, but after having a try were really happy with their reproductions. 

3. Make paper boats

We found some instructions here and the boys and their Dad had fun following along building and then floating their boats.  Of course it didn't take long for them to work out how to sink their boats either!  

4. Make a volcano

You will need:

Bicarb Soda
Food colour (optional)
Dishwashing liquid

Add the Bicarb soda and food colour to a container.  (It is better to give it a mix to combine it as the first time I didn't and most of the colour stayed on the bottom).  Add a squirt of dishwashing liquid to the vinegar and then pour over the Bicarb soda mixture.   You will want enough supplies to have a few goes I'm guessing!

5. Make gingerbread cookies

We used a recipe from Taste and they turned out really great and were eaten by everyone! We decorated by placing the icing in a zip lock back and snipping the corner which is such an easy way to do it if you don't have the "proper" tools. It was fun coming up with lots of different looking gingerbread men with the odd cyclops thrown in!

So there you have it, 5 simple "if I can do them so can you" ways to have some family fun!

What are some of your simple ideas for having fun as a family?

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