Saturday, May 2, 2015

April Bits and pieces...

An overview of our month...

April fools...boys woke up to some strange markings on their nose and face...I wonder how it got there?

I often lay out on the boys trampoline and soak up the sunshine...

We dog sat Indi for a week over Easter for our good friends...she is the most gorgeous placid dog and may have been a little spoilt during her stay...

Might have slipped with the bubbles...haha

My gorgeous niece turned 16!  Her and her friends had a fun time in a pink stretch hummer to celebrate! Happy Birthday Kelly!

Ethan did a 4 day swimming intensive.  I was so proud as he was really worried about getting his face wet but he was getting more brave with each day!

Ethan helped make homemade chicken nuggets...

The local fruit and veg shop gave away a pumpkin with each shop so a big pot of pumpkin soup was in order.  What a shame I was the only one that eats it...

I made cheddar "shapes" which were quite yum but needed to be eaten fresh...the went a big too soft being stored...

Dad had the boys giggling at dinnertime with an epic bum drag...

Ethan started his weekly lesson and went right under the water!  Amazing!

We received Jaydens Kinder photos...(These are just copies I took with my phone)

We visited my forever friend Bean and her gorgeous new baby girl Tully.  I didn't take many snaps as I was enjoying my cuddles way too much.  Such a gorgeous family.  

The last week I've been spending a heap of time on scanning old photos and blogging about them (backdated to 2005) and also putting together in Project Life albums.  
You can read some of the old posts here if you wish.  I have a long way to go as I really want to get everything recorded into this blog format.  

I will be cleaning up and even deleting some posts as I sort through the older stuff as I really do just want this blog to be for our family memories.  

I kept going back and forward on the idea of trying to turn it this space into something to earn money from but I've decided against it.  Every time I thought of it as a potential place of business I felt I couldn't write freely and just be myself and ultimately I just want this to be an online journal. 

It's been so much fun looking through old photos and I'm loving sorting through my box of papers and photos and old albums and having everything in one place with one system.  

I can see how obsessed you could become with all of the beautiful Project life cards and embellishments and I think this is going to be a really fun hobby.  I've signed up to 1 subscription site and there is another I have my eye on but I must not go overboard when we're on a strict budget at the moment.  Basically they send you a collection of cards, stickers and stamps each month and it is so much fun to get a box of goodies.  

A good thing to get into over winter though I guess when we won't have as much activity getting out and about.  

So on that note, I'm up to 2002 in my project life album and as I sort out the photos I'll backdate the blog as well.  Then I have an online version of events and the hard copy albums.  I did consider only using a blog considering it would be a lot cheaper, however there is something to be said with flipping through an actual album with your hands and I couldn't let go of that idea either.  

So pyjama day at home today, which is just what we all needed! 

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