Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Some drawing time...

Saturday afternoon we pulled out some oil pastels and had a draw.  Louis started his artwork straight away, but Jayden was begging him to draw an outline of something for him to colour in.  He finally did it for him...

This was his finished project!

He was quite proud of his effort and stuck it up on the lounge room wall!

I started drawing also and started with a poppy for Anzac day and then played around with our family symbol - infinity hearts. 

The colours made me happy and drawing it was a lot of fun.

It really made me think about the point of art or creating and that's it really isn't it?  If we enjoy making it and we enjoy looking at it then we've hit the jackpot!  It doesn't matter if it's considered good or bad or whatever by anyone else if we feel good about it.

It made me think about my blog and IG page and the point of them.  This may sound terrible to some, but I want to be able to look through those photos or read my words about life and my family and enjoy it.  I get those fuzzy beautiful  moments when I look at our adventures or our everyday moments that I've taken the time to notice and record.  

It makes me grateful for what I have right now, and what I have had.  It allows me to remember without any of the emotional garbage that may have been running through my head at the same time.  It filters all of the unpleasantness in my thoughts and tiredness in my body and leaves me with all of the great feelings and memories.  It makes me look around right now at what I have, who I am, everything I love and take notice.  Because the joy is here, right now, in this moment, it's just up to me to recognise it and be thankful. 

That's why I'm going to write and record.  I want my boys to get that too as they look through this stuff as they get older.  (if the do! haha).

I also played around with some of my Project Life supplies and made some cards I needed.  Cards I would have just bought at the store normally now allowed me to be creative.  I've just started getting a kit mailed out each month from Studio Calico and it's great.  I'm still uncertain and not used to all of the bits and pieces but I'm enjoying it.  It's very exciting to open up a little parcel of goodies to play with! 

It's good for the boys to see me playing around and being creative as well.  They were all happy with their work because they could see that I was happy with mine.  If I said, oh mine is terrible.  I can't draw at all and it's not very good blah blah blah, they would also start to critique their own work.

I think it's time to embrace all the goodness inside of us, all of the imperfections and just love life.  Do what makes you smile, have a good attitude about the things that we may not enjoy so much and just make the most of every opportunity. 

On that note...I must go and do some of those everyday things like washing and dishes, but I'm going to play some music so I can enjoy it as I go.  xo

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