Saturday, September 22, 2012

Movie night take 2...

To read about our Friday night movie night FAIL click here...

We made it to the cinema tonight and after a few minor hiccups of the lights being left on and sound really low we managed to watch Madagascar 3!

 The boys were super excited to be at the cinema! Was hard to get their attention for a photo except for my Ethan who said "I'm looking Mummy!"

The girl running the cinema was thrown in the deep end on her first night...poor thing was doing her best, however the lights were left on and the sound was really low for the first 10min...

Dylan lost in a sea of bean bag...

He loved it and sat there the whole time!

He looks so little!

We all really enjoyed the movie! Kept the boys entertained, although Jayden and Ethan were a little restless.  Very normal for a 2 and 3yo!

The boys loved eating the popcorn and on the way out we had yummy pizza's ready and waiting for us!  I had quickly thought to pre-order them before we went in for the movie so we wouldn't have to wait at the end!  Smart mummy thinking ahead for once! 

So, although we didn't have quite the same excitement and build up as the day before the boys all declared it their favourite part of the day by far! 

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