Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mystery health issue...

One evening, a couple of months ago, I was sitting in bed reading when I had a massive overwhelming feeling of fear followed by what I later learned was probably an anxiety attack.  I told Michael (my husband) that I really wasn't feeling well and asked if he would watch TV with me to try and distract me.  It didn't work.  I also had feelings of nausea and then the right side of my face and right arm and hand went numb and tingly. 

At about 2am I managed to finally dose off.  I thought that if I could just fall asleep then I would wake up feeling better.  Around 4.30am Jayden woke us up crying and while Michael went to him I got up to go to the toilet and felt even worse!  I really freaked out and asked him to call an ambulance. 

So, I went to hospital and being the country saw a Dr the next morning around 9.30am.  They seemed to think I was fine and treated me for a silent migraine with a saline drip and a couple of painkillers.  Although I had no headache.

They sent me to a larger hospital about an hour away, where I had to go through the emergency department again and after all of that they suggested again, it's probably just a silent migraine, we won't do a CT scan just let your Dr know if it happens again.

It really scared me and took me a good 5 or 6 days to start feeling back to normal. The numb/tingling feeling lingered and some of the evenings after that I felt like I was getting a little anxious but this soon faded.

After that I was feeling really good.  I lost a few kg and was eating well.  I have also visited a naturopath who has been helping with my general wellbeing also.

A couple of weeks ago, Michael and I headed to Melbourne for my cousin's 50th birthday party.  We were really looking forward to catching up with the family, dressing up and of course a weekend away is a rarity for us!

Michael and I all dressed up!

We had a fantastic time!  Overdid it on the wine and certainly paid for it the next day feeling a little seedy.  We took my Dad out for a belated Fathers Day lunch which was really nice, and the weather was gorgeous!

We picked the kids up from my In-laws and we were home around 8.30pm.  The boys went straight to bed and I went to check email and you do!

Well, to my surprise I started with another anxiety attack/mystery illness episode!  I quickly hopped in to bed and stayed calm this time assuming that I wasn't about to drop dead that moment.  Michael was super supportive looking up methods to help and gave me a little squeezy ball to help distract me.  I was sort of cold shaking for about 5-10min, but eventually managed to take deep breaths and fall asleep.

The next morning the anxious feeling was gone, but I was left feeling very spaced out, light headed and with a funny feeling in my right hand again.  Not tingling, but kind of feeling weak? 

This time around it took nearly a week to feel better...Each day I had reduced symptoms and was feeling better.  Those first few days though I was so tired, I snuggled up with the boys in the afternoon for a movie and dozed off!

So, I'm seriously either losing my marbles in my ripe old age of 31 years or there's something physically going on that's causing these weird episodes. My worse mistake was Googling my symptoms because I then started to worry that I have about 150 different medical conditions!!

So my mystery health issue will hopefully not be a mystery for too much longer as I head to the Dr next week for a comprehensive blood test and possibly some scans to follow...

I'll let you know how it goes! 

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