Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis March 2005

March 2005:

01st: Feeling good, not many symptoms, which of course I worry about.

02nd: Bloating after meals.

03rd: Strange dreams. 

06th: (7weeks)

07th: Cramps, tired.

09th: Ultrasound as I was unsure of dates.  I was told I had a retroverted uterus which of course made me worry.  So unbelievably nervous and excited to see our little baby on the screen and to get pictures and a video!  Also so thankful to have Michael at the ultrasound to meet our baby for the first time and be so supportive. 

10th: Eating a heap - craving carbs, dairy and sweets. (Bakers delight choc chip hot cross buns, KFC chips, scalloped potato)  Staying active by walking and teaching dance classes. 
13th: (8weeks)

18th: Sleeping well - over 9 hours a night!  

20th: (9weeks) Skin breaking out

22nd: Emotional and blah. Still having bad dreams.  Bloated.

24th: Nauseous, seedy and lethargic.  Emotional.

25th: Slept in until 11.30am. 

26th: Started clearing garage and rearranging so that our spare room/office can be our babies bedroom

27th: (10weeks)

29th: Dr appointment.  Starting to feel like my pants aren't fitting so well!  

30th: Michael's 24th Birthday. Took Luke (8yo) and Kelly (6yo) to the movies.  I was so tired it made me question my Mummy stamina. 

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