Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gorgeous bubba...

So, Louis gave me that gorgeous smile yesterday and we've been pestering him ever since for another one with no luck! 

Aunty Sharon looked after Louis again on Tuesday afternoon while I worked.  He is loving shaking his rings around and making a racket. 

I need to take photos of Louis sleeping because it's not always an easy process!! 

 5 weeks 2 days

On Thursday Louis cried and cried while I was teaching so a heap of Mums had cuddles with him.  So nice of them but I find it such a challenge.

This week it seems Louis has worked out that when it's dark at night it means sleeptime.  He is luckily only waking once overnight which is so nice.  

Uncle Col came to visit on Saturday.

5 weeks 6 days

We went and had 6 week photos taken at Pixifoto...very cute!

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