Sunday, December 11, 2005

December happenings...

Louis is enjoying his dummy but doesn't need it all of the time.  I held the first of 2 break up parties for the dance school and was then officially on holidays!

 Louis kicks his legs all over the place when we change his nappy, little cheeky.

We had a little family reunion with the Johns side.  Louis met Uncle David, Aunty Paula, Meredith, Brendan, Cameron, baby Rex, Sally and Jesse.

Sunday Louis turned  8 weeks old!  Wow!  He had a shower with Dad.  He is also starting to sleep a little better overnight thank goodness!

On Monday Louis and I had a little relax outside on the hammock.  So nice to be relaxed after all the madness of the dance concert.

Louis loves sitting up in the corner of the couch and doesn't want to lay down flat.  I took him to the physio to work on his flat spot.  She stretched out his neck and he was already moving a lot more easily. We did a Mum and bub exercise class at the hospital as well.

I put a nappy under his arms today and he was lifting his head up a lot higher at tummy time.  Louis loves sitting and talking to the tv.  We had a visit to Robbies so I could have a jog on the treadmill.  I'm so happy I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

This photo looks a little older but I'm not sure when it was taken...

Louis and I have beautiful moments in the mornign of cuddles, smiles and laughs.  So nice.  Makes up for the screaming in the afternoon when he doesn't want a nap.

2 months old!
Louis didn't have his vaccinations as he had a mild temperature and a little rash over his tummy.  (Probably explains the crying and unsettled nights he had this week)
MCHN stats:
Weight: 5.117kg or 11.5lb
Height: 56cm

Saturday we had the Visser side of the family getting together for Christmas.  Great day.

Opa came and helped install the conditioner at our house.  So nice and cool now!

Just a final note...WHY DIDN'T I TAKE MORE PHOTOS?????? GRRRR! Here's a video from around this time though...

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