Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Family Reunion

We've had an amazing day reconnecting with family that I haven't seen for over 10 years! It's amazing how comfortable the occassion was - everyone talking and catching up - I think even when you don't spend a lot of time with extended family there is a bond that will remain regardless.
Louis excitedly ran up to me saying that the 2 little twin toddlers were his "cousins" and that he made little Chloe laugh! He has quickly learnt the value of his immediate and extended family. He has a great sense of belonging and love from those around him which, for a 3 year old I think is fantastic!

Louis loved the magical garden filled with snails and bumblebees and gnomes...

Dylan had fun exploring the fantastic garden! With chickens and dirt and water...a 2yo's paradise!

Ethan loved getting cuddles from everyone and was happy to be passed around!!

Ethan with my Aunty Nella

The boys did a fantastic job of coping for the 6 hours in total that we spent in the car...what a trip!

It was quite beautiful to see my Nanna with all of her family - children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all around her...she coped very well considering sadly, she doesn't know who any of us are anymore...I know she would have been very happy to see us all together after so long!

What an amazing woman to have created and raised this family...

Honestly, if you don't have your health, family and friends what have you really got? Time is precious - everyone needs to take a step back from the busyness of life and take the time to appreciate and be grateful for those around you...You do not want to have regrets about the state of a relationship with someone you love...take the time to resolve issues and move forward together...and most importantly make the effort to accept people for who they really are - it is only then that you can really appreciate them.

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