Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My family...Dylan

Dylan Andrew Visser
Born 20th April 2007
Weight: 3.36kg (7lb 4)
Length: 50cm

My easiest labour...welcome to the world precious Dylan!

We were so excited for our new precious addition


Bath time!

Such a bright and happy baby!

He was so keen to get moving and keep up with his big brother!

clever boy at Lilydale Lake

Christmas '07 - 8 months old and getting ready to walk! Oma & Opa's farm

Dylan is our man of many expressions, although this was a favourite for a while! Werribee Zoo

Sleeping after a big day at Werribee Zoo!

Surfer dude! Phillip Island

Faster faster!  He showed no fear when he was little!

In the backyard at our first house (unit) in Croydon North

Dylan was famous for his napping!  On his terms though, not mine!

There's that tongue again!  Play School Concert at Yarra Valley Grammar

There was no stopping him - he was walking at 9 months old

Happy 1st Birthday! Wiggles theme

Party time!

Dylan is the best (and most appreciative) eater!

My little parrot

He loved to climb

Dylan loved all the space at our 2nd home in Cranbourne North


So cute...

Cheekiest grin ever!

Happy 2nd Birthday

Not really enjoying a haircut from Nanna

The boys LOVED Melbourne Museum

Getting around at Oma and Opas farm

Sleeping - That is Dylan under there...

Melbourne Show 09

Looking spunky

Just riding the tiger at Mansfield Zoo

Ready to help Dad do some work

We assume he had a bite on his ear that he reacted to...will you check out those sad eyes!

Yummo cupcake at Fairy Park

King Dylan

Love his books

Yes, he is asleep...funniest place ever!


Yep, still sticking his tongue out!

Thought my boots looked just like Woody's

An easter gangsta!

Is there nothing better when  you're a kid?

1st day of 3yo kinder - he attended 1 term at Cranbourne

One of the first trips up to Bonnie Doon knowing it would be our new home!

1st day of 3yo kinder at Mansfield Kindergarten

My handsome man

Having a camp at our block 2011

Going on a lunch date with Mum...just the 2 of us!

Kinder Photo 

Dylan's comedy - clothes on all topsy turvy

Cuddling with our new puppy Daisy!  If only she had stayed that small!

Trying to stay still for the butterflies...Melbourne Zoo

Dylan's always been a bit of a Toy Story fan!

He's such a character!

1st day of 4yo Kinder 2012

Pulling faces
Practising what Dylan calls "Ninja concentrate"

Dylan was intrigued watching the cars board the Sorrento-Queenscliff ferry

Mummy loves her boy...

Making the most of the warm weather at the local playground in Bonnie Doon

Dylan is so full of love and caring...

Kinder photo 2012

Dylan does an impersonation of an old man with a walking stick that cracks us up every time!

Dylan proud of his colouring in!

 Heading to his first disco!

He was pretty excited!

Dylan is such a gorgeous, loving 5 year old.  He is SO warm and friendly always stopping to talk to people - even strangers, teenagers, everyone!  He is also LOUD - so loud, even without meaning to be his voice can be ear piercing!  He has lots of energy and a great sense of humour.  He can be so unbelievable caring and sharing and has always been this way.  He also has a temper when pushed though and can feel hurt very deeply.  I was anticipating his arrival so much, I just couldn't wait to have him in my arms.  He was what I called a "sicky" baby when he was little - he had lots of reflux until he started eating solids.  Louis and Dylan have been the best of friends from day 1.  It was so amazing to see them together so little but just hanging out.  They clicked from the word go.  Dylan is so excited to go to school next year and make lots of friends!  

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