Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Severely craft challenged...

Yep, severely.  I always dreamt of being the Mum that was doing arts and craft all of the time with my kids.
In my fantasy world every time I pin an activity on Pinterest I feel like we've done it! Lol...

I realised last week when I was on kinder duty that my boys AVOID the craft tables, painting easels and scissors and glue! 
When asked about this they felt they couldn't do it "right" and they would get dirty...oh my...what a wake up call!
Has my uncertainty about crafting, painting, simply being creative also put them off it as well?  They fear as much as I do that it won't be good enough or perfect?

Time for a change!  This year has been what we call our year of "moving forward" (must post about that another day)  so it's time to move forward in this area as well!

So, Louis found a book about craft ideas for kids (that we've never made anything out of!) and asked to make egg carton caterpillars.  My initial reaction was not great however I quickly had a look at the requirements and realised we had everything to make them.

Sigh, let's go was a simple straight forward craft that all the boys could have a go at with some help so a good place to start.  Cutting, painting, decorating.

Guess what?  It was FUN!  It was great to see the boys all involved and having a try and even more rewarding to see them playing with them! 

So I think from now on I will be more open to these crafting ideas! I will take a step out of my comfort zone and embrace my well hidden away creativity and hopefully inspire my boys at the same time!

Oh and I get that it was the time spent together that was important and the process of creating full stop that was the best part! No need to be perfect at all...

So, any suggestions for our next (simple) creative venture??  What kinds of artistic endeavours do you enjoy with your kids?

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