Monday, June 2, 2014

May: Bits and Pieces

Apologies in advance for the epic post!  It was a big May and I really wanted to record it...

It started with my brothers 40th birthday celebration.  It was a fun night and we found out that my brother and his partner are expecting baby number 3.  Very exciting:

Crazy hair day at school!  Bad photo taken at the end of the day because my phone was flat in the morning

Exciting times at Homegrown Farm.  We had a heap of painting to do before the roof went on.  We are so happy with how it turned out!:

My 33rd birthday.  One of my most memorable birthdays.  My sister surprised me with a new Canon DSLR 600d which she knew I'd been saving for.  My Dad had conspired with her and had a camera case and memory card to go with it. I never expected anything like it.  It was such a generous gift and I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I'd had a rough week for a few different reasons and to have them put so much thought and effort into a gift like that was amazing.  I'll be forever grateful.  I didn't want to put the photos of me up on here but it captures the moment:

With my new camera in hand Jayden and I had a stroll down to the lake to play around:

On the last day of Autumn we had a BBQ with great friends at their home:

Michael has also enjoyed the new camera having a play around up at our block:

Farewell to Autumn, and hello winter. 

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