Monday, July 7, 2014

June: Bits and Pieces

Just a few odds and ends for the month of June! (Hoping to get all caught up over the school holidays).

 Jayden at Kinder...he keeps asking how many sleeps until 4yo Kinder...I think he feels it with his 3 big brothers as school. 

 I eat this for breakfast, or as a snack, or as dessert.  It is SO YUMMO!  It's CADA - Coconut, almonds, dates and apple.  Add a dollop of yoghurt, hemp seeds and chia seeds and I'm in heaven!

 I had a big book declutter.  Feels so good to get rid of stuff.  Still working on the rest of the house, although something tells me that I'll be working on it for the rest of my LIFE! haha. 

This is how we decide who has a shower first.  It works surprisingly well.  

 Boys at the bus stop.  Miraculous that we were there with enough time for me to take photos.  We are often running behind. 

 Jayden in his PJ's at the bus stop.  I must admit, some mornings I'm in mine as well!

 Fun night - Pictureka!

Baking bread at midnight because we'd run out and apparently the boys like food in their lunch box.  Bugger. 

 Shopping day in Benalla.  It was a beautiful day so we stopped at the playground for some fun.

My pantry all stocked up.  One day I hope most of it will be from our garden! 

We were all set to head off for a happy winter solstice with friends up at the block.  I'd made veggie lentil soup. chicken noodle soup, bread, apple and strawberry crumble and then...Ethan threw up!!  Plans cancelled, a night at home, but at least the cooking was done!  

Oh my it's my unusually clean kitchen.  So much so that it required a photo and the prompt ordering of fish and chips...haha.  

 Yep.  We had the talk with Louis.  It was awkward and uncomfortable for the first 5 minutes and once I got all of my giggling out of the way it went really well.  Very mature.  Then we watched Percy Jackson with him while his brothers were already asleep.  My little boy is still in there though because it was a little too scary and he jumped into our bed to fall asleep (with the lamp on).

This is the project that Michael...errr Louis worked on for school.   He was so thankful that his Dad worked on it with him.  Very special.

And that's it!  One more post for June and it will be a wrap...

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