Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Welcome baby Emily! (and some thoughts on Motherhood) {October}

Our new niece, Emily Grace arrived into the world on the 16th October.  I was so excited I trekked off to Melbourne to visit at the hospital on Saturday 19th after the boys tennis lessons.

First I wanted to stop for a cute gift...I purchased little baby girl nappies and attached these fun labels from Happy Home Fairy.  I just popped them in a basket from Kmart which I thought would continue to be used afterwards. 

I thought flowers would be nice for my Sister-in-law!  How many times does the new Mum get forgotten in all of the gorgeous new baby haze?  I just loved the bright colour of these flowers! 

Now, this is where I surprised myself.   My new little niece was delivered at the same hospital I delivered all 4 of my boys.  I had not been back to the hospital after having Jayden.  This was the first time.  

I arrived at the maternity ward and felt a wave of emotion hit me out of nowhere.  That feeling of love that hurts your chest and makes it hard to breathe.  The emotion that only another Mother could possible know.  I had walked into that hospital 4 times with my big belly, anticipation and excitement and walked out 4 times with a new little baby boy.  Each time so special and amazing and miraculous.  Each time my heart burst open a little larger with love for these children I am so so grateful for.  I am so thankful for the experience of pregnancy, of labour, birth and the ability to care for these precious little lives and to watch them grow.  I am so lucky to have 4 healthy boys who test me and teach me everyday, who push my buttons and turn my hair grey.  I can't think of anything I ever wanted more in the world than to be a mother and I am lucky enough that my dreams came true.

So yeah, all of that emotion was building up inside me as I made my way to the desk to ask which room we needed to visit.  Then I heard those new little baby newborn cries and the tears started rolling down my cheeks.  Thinking of all of these women that had just become mothers maybe for the first, second or 10th time and knowing that it didn't matter how many children you have after each baby you are overwhelmed with all of the same intense feelings of love.

I knocked on the door and entered the room and of course, feeling a little safer now I had a big cry.  My poor Sister-in-law Lea was wondering what the earth was going on!

I couldn't help looking at her and feeling so proud of her for creating this little miracle.  Proud of all of us Mums out there who grow these babies and give them our everything once they are earth bound.  We are not perfect but my goodness we do the best that we can.

I couldn't wait to get the gorgeous new little baby Emily in my arms. She was just so tiny and gorgeous.

Here's introducing Emily Grace...

Congratulations to Robbie and Lea on the birth of your amazing little girl.  Wishing you all the love and happiness in your lives together in your now complete family.  xoxo

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