Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some thoughts on simplicity and learning to be myself...

I am so far behind on my family happenings and it's my endeavour now that the boys are back at school and kinder to catch up but I just wanted to get some thoughts and ideas out there...

Simplicity...such a buzz word at the moment as so many people struggle to balance work, life, children, marriages, extended family, running households.

There is so much being written and shared that is so encouraging and helping to reduce consumption and not feel like life is one big race to who knows what.

Yet, due to my unique and crazy personality I was still trying fit in to a stereotype that I never will, and in actual fact probably doesn't even really exist.

Some people sharing ideas on simplicity are building thriving businesses and brands.  Some are working on becoming self sufficient with gardens and farms.  Some are focused on health and wellness, some on money, savings and investments.  There are even those that work on ways to earn money while they spend all of their time travelling.

It all falls into the category of simplicity even though it looks different to everyone.

Some people want to live simply now with reduced spending and just enough work and others work hard and save so they can be debt free and retire early.  Some are building businesses that they are passionate about and are earning fantastic money and simplicity to them is finding ways to not be too consumed with it all and find moments to just relax.

I guess what my point is, is that it's finally clicked that even a term such as "simplicity" can be interpreted a million different ways.  There will never be a right or wrong way of doing things.

What's important is that we find the way that feels right to us.  That's where the struggle begins for me.  It's always been my struggle although I do think I'm taking huge leaps forward at the moment.

I've had moments of feeling so torn to do what is "right" and to fit in and do what is expected.  Guilt when I haven't been able to live up to that for whatever reason.

So right now for me it's about letting go...or working on it at least.  Letting go of the conflict and accepting what is and making the most of it.

While there are so many amazing opportunities available to us in this day and age we need to make sure we're choosing based on our own values and not getting swept up in the fairy tale we are often shown.

Whatever we choose will mean perhaps sacrificing good things so that we can have the really great things.  The things that mean the most to us.  This will look different to each individual.

So I have to acknowledge some of this and do my best to work around the challenges and "grow where I'm planted" because there is good and amazing and wonderful in our everyday if we choose to look for it or even take the time to create it.

I'm also accepting that I'm allowed to contradict myself...there's no rule book that says I have to do things a certain way and that's a good thing.  I'll keep drawing inspiration from those around me like I always have but now I'll embrace it instead of feeling like I never fit in.  I'm in charge of designing my own life and I'm the only one that needs to love those choices! (obviously as long as it's not hurting others).   

Simply loving life.  That's all I want to be doing.  The good, the bad and the challenging.  The miracles and the messes.  Embrace it all and make the most of it.  Xoxo.

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