Monday, August 31, 2015

Home is where we rest between adventures...

I love this.  I came up with it when I was pondering on why I struggling to keep on top of the housework and day to day requirements for our busy family.

Housework has never been a strong point of mine.  Even before kids.

I was trying to think of a way to motivate myself and really think about what home means to me.

Funnily enough, I am a homebody and love nothing better than to enjoy quiet days with nowhere else to go.  Home is where I nourish and nurture myself, replenish and rejuvenate.  Ready for the next fun adventure.

For it to achieve those things it's needs to be reasonably orderly.  When my house is messy and untidy I can't ever seem to find the energy or enthusiasm for big adventures.  It's like a weight of ovewhelm worn around my neck and it drags me down.  Not exactly how I would like to feel.  

So, if our home is to help us achieve those things, it needs to be comforting and relaxing.  Mess and clutter make that impossible.

Therefore, it's onwards and upwards from here and after being inspired by Organising the four of us 
I'm going to start by working on a list of three things each day to get done until they're a habit.  Then I can add in more or reassess how I'm going.

My first 3?

1. Exercise for 20 minutes
2. Clean the house for 30 minutes
3. Complete 2 loads of laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away)

I completely procrastinate on all 3 of these things often so they are what I want to cross off my list as early as I can in the day.  I want to make these a habit and build on them because before too long we will move into our new home which is nearly 3 times the size of our current home.  If I struggle to keep this tiny place clean, how will I manage a larger home? 

Wish me luck! 

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