Saturday, July 16, 2016

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I really love my local library.  It's only small but I can log onto the library system and order in nearly any book!  (Did you all know about this?  I only learnt it a year or two ago and it changed. my. life).

I sometimes think about how I'm not supporting the authors very well by only borrowing from the library but really, I just wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.  I feel very grateful to have access to so many amazing books though! 

The ladies that work there are so friendly (one in particular who will know who she is if she reads this) and they are always happy to chat with the boys.

I read and take notes as I go.  I realise the more I need to learn the more I write.  Ha.  It's always a good thing when I read something that I already have my head around and so don't need to write so much! (Doesn't happen all that often!). 

So here's three books that I've read in the last few weeks.  As you'll see I'm a huge fan of non-fiction and these are all highly recommended for different reasons.  I'm not really going to write reviews on them...there are plenty of other places for that, but I have added a link to each of their websites so you can learn more about them and a few notes. 

Too many notes to share, but a couple of points:
Leave a legacy to inspire a future generation - I sometimes think I have nothing worthy of blogging about but then I remember that there needs to be a balance...I am proud to live simply and be at home...I can be one voice in the millions that say that's enough.  I can share what matters to my family and I and maybe someone will stumble upon this one day and know that you can choose this!  You can be perfectly ordinary and absolutely freaking love your life.  You can be yourself and not waste your life trying to prove yourself...which brings me to the next book... 
I think I nearly rewrote this book! Ha.  I highly recommend this...I will be purchasing this book to re-read whenever I feel the need.  I only wish I had read it 20 years ago as a teenager!
"The most important person that needs your approval is you"
"You don't need to prove yourself, you are already enough"
Another big aha moment was where she writes about when we feel low, we think one way to get out of it is to set new, better, higher goals (GUILTY!).  Then if we don't reach them we blame and shame ourselves.  This is a cycle I've been on just a few times before unfortunately. 
There is just really so much good stuff in this book...

Another great read.  I was a little worried about it, as I often am when ready some parenting books but it seemed right along the lines of what I believe.
He talks about strict and loving parenting which I'm finding with 4 boys that I really need.  If I'm not firm I get a lot of cheeky boys trying to get away with a lot.  I do have fairly high expectations for my boys but there is no shortage of love in this house.  We talk openly, have lots of cuddles and affection and a heap of fun.  I just need certain areas to be fairly under control such as our morning and evening routines and everyone helping out with jobs around the house.  For the first time in a long time I'm not second guessing my parenting and feel confidant that we are taking the right approach.  It has taken a lot of research and reading to get to this point but I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and keep moving forward. 
I've got another thirteen books in my "to read" pile so I may share some more as I work through them! Any favourites that you're reading at the moment?

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