Monday, April 24, 2017

The Color Run Night

After a morning spent completing Saturday jobs and housework Louis, Ethan and I jumped in the car and made our way down to Flemington to "The Color Run night". 

I'm always nervous driving in the city but it really couldn't have been easier to get there.  We parked at the racecourse ($20 well spent in my opinion), pinned on our numbers and excitedly headed towards the festivities.  It began at 3.30pm but we got there around 5pm. 

Of course, once we'd walked all the way in I realised I hadn't brought any cash for dinner so we trekked all the way back - it was a good warm up! Haha.

As it turned out we grabbed a free Atkins bar they were handing out (it was really gross), stopped at the port-a-loos (an experience for the boys) and watched the Zumba warm up (I must try out a class soon - looked like so much fun) before it was time to head to the starting line.

The atmosphere was fantastic, music playing and everything glowing and flashing. There were so many people that they were letting people start the run in waves which kept it really manageable.

Soon enough it was our turn and off we started!  I was trying to encourage the boys to jog a whole lot more than we did but they were having a great time so it didn't really matter. 

It wasn't too long before we reached a colour and as we ran past we were squirted with the coloured UV powder.  They had black lights set up as well so that you could see that you were glowing.  Seriously, so. much. fun.

On we went, next through a foam machine which we weren't expecting.  Around the track and when we were notified we were half way the boys seemed quite disappointed that it wasn't going to last longer!

Even though we were walking/jogging around the in the dark it was well lit up and there were so many people and volunteers that it felt really safe.  Being an alcohol free event meant it was family friendly and that reflected in the runners there. 

At the finish line the boys high-fived a big line of volunteers and then we were done. 

They had some food vans set up so we went over to get some dinner. 

After that we headed over to the stage where they were having colour throws! They had great music (the first Fox RnB Fridays color run) and dancers and it was LOUD!  Anyway, we stayed for two colour throws which were pretty's just a mix of cornflour etc but when you throw it all up in the air like that we had to put our t-shirt over our nose! Haha.

We were done by about was a big afternoon!  Luckily we only had to drive back to my Dad's house around 40 minutes or so to stay the night.

Of course we were all covered in colour so had to have quick showers but it all washed off easily enough.  We all slept well that's for sure.

I think I'll be back to take Dylan and Jayden next time...I think they would really love it.


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