Sunday, October 14, 2012

BBQ's and family...

It was a gorgeous sunny day for our family BBQ to celebrate Louis's 7th birthday.  We were able to sit outside and enjoy a chat and some good food.  The kids ran around playing and jumped on the trampoline. 

My best friend Bean (Justine) and gorgeous baby Ivy

India, Jayden and big cousin Kelly

Ethan, big cousin Jack and Dylan

Cousin Chloe

Jayden and India (Bean's daughter) - How cute are they??

The boys love nothing more than to see their family and friends, it really is so special.

I'll admit there was a time when it really felt overwhelming trying to get the house in order and food cooked for visitors. I carried a fair amount of my own issues so I felt like I had to "prove" myself to family and friends. Prove that I had everything under control and that we were all OK. It's such a huge relief to no longer carry that burden and to just take pleasure in sharing the time with special people in our lives.

Our family and people closest to us are our best teachers. Every time we feel a button pushed it is an opportunity to look within and do a little soul searching. What are they triggering in us that was there anyway? What point of view are they coming from? Is it their own fears and anxieties they are projecting on us? Are they meaning well but it's just coming across as negativity?

I tend to look at it this way, if someone is in a good place themselves they are free to encourage and support others. They tend not to judge or condemn but accept and lift us up.

If we are able to look at those people that trigger us as having their own unmet needs, issues and problems then we can look at them with empathy and an understanding that they really are doing the best they know how regardless of how that comes across. We can accept them as they are and know at this stage they can't offer anything more. We can hear their words and know that it is about them and where they're at rather than a direct reflection on us.   We can smile at them and show them what unconditional love looks like. 

This is one of the most important lessons I have learnt so far in my life.

After everyone had left to go home the boys started playing in the ice tub that we had drinks stored.   They soon whipped their clothes off and froze their bottoms off in the icy water.  I managed to take this photo which is Jayden whipping his nappy off, however he had done a big poo in there so I had to race to get him cleaned up! It was very funny! 

I managed to miss taking photo's of the birthday boy who was off playing most of the day! 

Now to start planning his birthday party for his friends!  Honestly, this boy knows how to stretch out his birthday celebrations! 

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