Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis July 2005


03rd: (24weeks) Weekend at Bonnie Doon with Oma and Opa.  Oma cooked up a storm of yummo food. 

04th: Placenta is at the back which is why I could feel most of the kicks at the front.

05th: Gained 5kg.  Skin is feeling tighter. Worried about stretch marks. 

07th: Visited our neighbours 6 week old baby at Monash.  He has Spina bifida.  Was so emotional seeing him and a lot of other premature or ill babies.  My heart ached for these babies and I determined never to take for granted the health of my baby. 

10th: (25weeks)

11th: Nesting and cleaning the linen closet.  Planning on using cloth nappies unless heading out. 

17th: (26weeks)

19th: Pains when walking, zinging from my belly button.  Starting to feel tired again.

22nd: Belly's getting big!

24th: (27 weeks)

26th: Tired.  Lots of stitches when walking.

27th: Dr Appt.  Iron and diabetes test.  Belly measuring 25 weeks.  Louis was already head down in my pelvis.  Belly goes hard sometimes - braxton hicks.  Felt so queasy after having the diabetes solution.  Gross.  6kg weight gain.
/cast prospecting

29th: No diabetes but iron is low.

30th: Erica took me shopping for some maternity clothes which was so nice. 

31st: (28weeks) Spent the weekend painting Louis's nursery after moving computers and desks out.  So exciting preparing for our little mans arrival! 

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