Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis August 2005


07th: (29weeks)

12th: When Michael puts his head on my belly Louis kicks.  My belly button was looking really odd and Luke and Kelly have taken to poking it which feels horrible!! 

14th: (30weeks)

15th: Lots of kicks.  Colostrum leaking everywhere.  Tired and cranky.  I can feel Louis having hiccups.  Carpets have been cleaned.  Excitement is building.  Teachers and helpers have been arranged for most dance classes so I don't have to do as much jumping around. 

17th: Heartburn.  Achy hips if I lie on my side too long.  Achy back if I sit on the computer too long.

21st: (31weeks)

23rd: Antenatal class

24th: Dr appt.  Blood pressure was good.  Head down ready to go.  Fundal height was 30 weeks.  The sciatic pain/pinched nerve was from his head in my pelvis.

25th: 7kg gain.

27th.  Beautiful Melbourne day.  Painting nearly finished and curtains have been hung.  

28th: (32weeks) Another cold.

29th: The cot was put up.  

30th: Antenatal class. 

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