Friday, September 30, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis September 2005


02nd: Feeling heavy.  Painful kicks in side.  Belly cramps.

04th: (33weeks) Fathers Day.  Michael got breakfast in bed.  Packed my bags.  Started washing baby clothes. 

06th: Walk.  Antenatal class.

07th: Dr appt.  Measuring 30weeks only.  Measuring 97cm around!  Heartburn.

08th: Quite uncomfortable walking but I was determined anyway.  Leaky colostrum.

09th: The first dreaded stretchmark!

11th: (34weeks) Spent the weekend at Bonnie Doon.

15th: Slept in past 10am!

16th: Getting puffed easily.

17th: Baby shower.  So nice to have everyone excited about our little baby's arrival.  Some very nice gifts.   Bad migraine, numb fingers.

18th: (35weeks)

19th:  Still going on my walks.  Trying to stay healthy.

20th: Have planned out my business and lined up lots of teachers and helpers.  (not sure what planet I was on and how I made this all work!)

21st: Dr appt.  Measuring a little small. Just waiting for him to engage.

25th: (36weeks) Lunch at Mums for her birthday.

26th: Feeling very heavy and tired.  Hard to move and breathe at times.  Starting to feel impatient to meet our little man.

27th: Itchy stretchmarks - getting lots now.  Last antenatal class.  Strange, crampy braxton hicks.  9kg weight gain. 

30th: Niggly pains

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