Monday, October 31, 2005

Back to work...

I went out shopping today and left Louis with Michael.  It was nice to just get it all done, but I missed him. 
 2 weeks old

 2 weeks 1 day

On Monday, Michael went back to work.  I was so nervous!  I had to back to the dance school as well so I was unsure of how that would all go.  

Louis had his Maternal child health nurse check up and here are his stats: 
Weight: 3.16kg
Height: 49.5cm
Head: 36cm 

He was only feeding one side at a time still but was getting plenty of milk and gaining weight like a champ.  

Tuesday afternoon I dropped Louis with Sharon and went to teach for a couple of hours.  Today was his first day with a dummy. 

Thursday I brought him to work with me again.  It was awkward because I had first baby syndrome and didn't want him being passed around and breathed on.  Haha.  

The following Monday our new cough arrived.  Bliss.  The old one was so uncomfortable for feeding and sitting on for hours at a time.  

Michael could actually lay down on this one as well!  Perfect!  

 3 weeks 1 day

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