Saturday, October 22, 2005

Settling in at home...

It felt so surreal being home with Louis.  I had no idea what I was doing and was so grateful that Michael had two weeks off to help me out.  On the drive home from the hospital we just looked at each other like "now what?".  Haha.  

Here's a clip from the hospital and our first few days at home...


Michael did an amazing job of helping and bathed Louis for probably the first month!  He was the calm I needed while I was trying to get used of milk coming in, breastfeeding, the aftermath of pregnancy and labour, extreme tiredness and the nervousness I carried being a new Mum.   

Louis got lots of cuddles with us both and would often only sleep in the bouncer, not the cot.  We ended up lifting one end of the cot and then he started sleeping in it after a week or so.                                                               
3 days old
I was madly in love with this baby though.  From first sight.  He was the most beautiful little thing I'd ever seen and I wanted to do my absolute best for him.

He was so so tiny and so perfect.  I'd never felt so purposeful in my life as I did growing my baby and now holding him in my arms and nourishing him with my milk. 

On the midwife at home visit it was mentioned that he had a little jaundice so snoozing by the window was then a must! 

On the weekend, Oma and Opa bought Louis an amazing Valco pram and he attended his first party that night.  The next day it was a must to test out the new pram but he was so tiny in it, we would need to wait a little longer. 

1 week, 3 days old
I guess the beauty with having baby number one that you don't realise until later is that you can just sit and feed and cuddle and snooze without anyone else pulling you in different directions. 

When Louis was born the realised he had a little tongue tie.  On the 19th we went and took him to get it snipped.  I was so nervous about it hurting him but he didn't even cry.   

We marvelled at all of his expressions and sounds.  Like each was an absolute miracle.  Oh and he gave his lungs a good workout as well.  That noise we could have done without!

1 week 3 days

We started off using cloth nappies and 1 week in it was all too hard and we were on to disposables. 

1 week 4 days 

A week and a half in we'd both been weed and pooed on and totally adored this little guy!  That's love right there. 

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