Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy 2006!

Happy New Year!!

I didn't even make it up to midnight but Louis had a great sleep from 10.45 - 7.15am!  He is constantly chewing on his fist and is loving to spend a lot of his time standing (with us holding on of course).

Louis is loving tummy time and is getting stronger and stronger!

Louis loves chewing on his muslin cloth.  I gave him a tiny watered down spoon of rice cereal and he gulped it down.  I really didn't need to do this yet but was feeling pressured from a few people that he was ready and that he was hungry blah blah blah.   I was not a very confident first time Mum (not sure if many people are) and was also getting pressured to give him formula instead of breastfeeding which I never did.  So hard when you don't feel like you have a heap of support around you.  I was second guessing everything but luckily in the end it just meant I started to feed him solids a little earlier than I would have liked. 

On Friday we had another MCHN check up. Stats are:
Weight: 5.87kg
Length: 59cm
The health nurse said that Louis is at 4 month old level already!  Clever little boy! 

Louis pulled himself up against the couch so that he was standing!  Crazy stuff. 

3 months old on the 9th Jan.  Where is the time going?  I've been trying to settle him without rocking and it's hard work.  Takes forever and then he just naps anyway.
When Louis cried it sounds like he say "mumumum" or "mummy".  So cute.
We had a day trip to the beach and we dipped Louis's legs in.

On Saturday we bought Louis some new toys...a soft soccer ball, soft book and a pram toy.  Spoilt little monkey.

I put Louis in the Jolly Jumper to have a little turn.  He wasn't too sure about it but had a little kick around. 

Michael went back to work on the 16th.  Louis has been trying to eat his whole soccer ball but has had no luck as yet. 

Louis is wearing size 00 clothes now!  Such a big boy.

Michael and I went to see Billy Connolly in the city on Friday the 20th.  Robbie and Lea babysat and Louis was a terror who wouldn't drink any bottles.  We had a great night out though!

On Sunday we had a day at the beach.  Louis wore his cool sunnies.  I took him in the water a couple of times for a little dip. 

I bought Louis a "gummy" to chew on since he loves to put everything in his mouth.  We went shopping on Tuesday to Eastland which seems to be something we do often.

He loves to talk and look in the little mirror and always wants to sit and stand.  He doesn't always want to be cuddles but he does love having me in the room with him.  Everytime I walk to another room he cries.

Luke and Kelly love having cuddles with Louis. 

We had a get together for Mothers group and took a group shot of all the babies.  It was so hot Louis fell asleep as I carried him from the house to the car.

On Saturday I held the enrolment day for the dance school.  It was great except Michael was with Louis and he wouldn't feed.  He was all back to normal the next day. 

Louis is growing bigger and bigger and more clever by the day.  Michael and Louis have a great little bond together.  He is such an amazing Dad.  I don't know how I ever would have ever got through all of these early months without him. 

Time for the Jolly Jumper again!  He is getting some good kicking and jumping action happening now!  I love laying with Louis on the couch and we just play and be silly.  Although he's taken to sticking his fingers in my mouth.  

Sometimes Louis sits in the bouncer quietly at night until about 8-9pm cheeky thing.  Michael and I enjoy it too because he's content and just chilling out. 

After a beautiful break over Christmas and summer holidays it was time to return to teaching.  Luckily I had teachers lined up to teach most of the classes or at least student teachers to help so that was going to take a little pressure off.

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