Sunday, February 5, 2006

First foods...

February was off to a great start with Louis and I heading out to a Mum and bubs movie.  We watched Memoirs of a Geisha and I was a little worried because I forgot the dummy but he did really well considering.  I just walked out if he started grizzling and then came back in.  It was nice to watch a chick flick. 

So at this stage I was already starting to get clucky again...crazy or what?  But seriously, look at this kid?  How could you not really.  He was in this super fun stage and smiling and playing.  So much fun.

Louis had some rice cereal and banana on Thursday and gobbled it all up.  

Louis had another check up at the MCHN:
Weight: 6.2kg
Height: 60cm
So his gains have slowed down a little but he's growing strong and healthy.  

Saturday I took Louis in the pram and we walked with Lea around Lilydale lake.  So nice.

Sunday, this happened:

His first taste of apple!  So glad I took photos because it was hilarious.  

I love this photo of Louis and Michael...the two loves of my life. 

Louis is having big giggles now.  I love it. This Mum business is alright...

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