Friday, March 31, 2006

March happenings...

There's not a heap documented in March.  I didn't fill out his calender very well and the Belly Belly archives for this month are missing.  Here goes though...

The first couple of days Louis was very unsettled and tugging at his ears poor little thing.  Obviously not well but was only for short time.

We had a visit to an old work friend Justin and his little boy.

Louis looking cool with his bling...haha. 

We had a visit to my friend Beans house and then my old school friend Hayley dropped in for a catch up a swell. 

One day short of 5 months old and Louis was loving the jolly jumper.  

That weekend we had a beautiful visit to see Michaels Oma and Opa Dukker.  It was great to be able to show off our little boy and Oma Dukker loved all the baby cuddles.  

Louis and I had a nice day at home and atempted some selfies which were a bit of a fail! Haha.

He loves his food (and so do I!).  Homemade by me yummy veggies and fruit and baby custard with yoghurt.  Delicious.

 I mean look at that smile?  No wonder I was clucky again already!

On the 24-26th March we went to Port Fairy with Oma and Opa, Danny and the girls and Col. It was a huge drive for the weekend but Louis did fairly well in the car.   We stayed in an amazing holiday house.  Louis slept quite well in our room and we had a big walk around town.  It was a bit cold for a swim for him but it was a beautiful weekend. Here's a little video:

On the 30th Michael turned 25!  I'm sure we spoiled him, I just have no photographic evidence.

I did however, take a number of photos of this little guy. 

Who really is not so little anymore...

Here's an added video of Louis enjoying his food:

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