Saturday, April 8, 2006

April life...

Michael had a birthday party at our home for his birthday which proved to be far too noisy for Louis who couldn't sleep.  I think that was the beginning of realising that having a fun late night with friends had big consequences the next day when as a Mum I couldn't sleep in and rest like I once would.

Mostly Louis's sleep was going pretty well by now.  He would have 2 bigger day sleeps or 3 naps and would lspee much better overnight waking for only one feed.  

I would spend hours sitting with Louis on his blankets and playing and chatting with him.  I didn't get much else done but that time was so special.

More photo shoots...on our unmade bed! haha.  No doubt it was taken in the early morning when we just played and hung out. 

Love this kid...

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