Sunday, June 25, 2006

Unwell Louis...

Poor Louis has been sick again this week.  We had a nice snooze together on Monday morning which was much needed after a bad nights sleep. He has a rotten little cough but the Dr's just said it seems like a standard virus so we avoided medicine. 

Luke and Kelly stayed over which is always fun!  I got an extra hours sleep in due to these great babysitters! 

Louis can sit down after standing now which means no more getting stuck.   He's also clapping his hands. Such a clever little boy.

Uncle Danny babysat on Saturday night so that we could have dinner out for a birthday and Louis could stay at home all toasty and warm.  He was awake and playing when we got home at 10.30pm so we know who has Uncle Danny wrapped around his little finger.  Haha.

Cheeky little thing...

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