Monday, April 30, 2012

Paying the price for fun and frivolity!

Oh my what a day...

We were all exhausted.  It was declared fairly early on that it would be a pyjama day! I actually felt more under the weather today than I did yesterday! The boys were also tired from having a busy weekend and were happy to hang out.  Poor Dylan had been a bit ill as well with a touch of gastro (food intolerance?) as had Jayden so we were all feeling a little lethargic. 

We all snuggled up on the couch to watch Gulliver's Travels.  The boys loved it.  I do believe it probably is aimed at slightly older kids but the boys thought it was hilarious!  Especially when Gulliver drops his pants to put out the fire in the castle! I even managed to doze off a couple of times which I was so grateful for!  That really doesn't happen very often.

Oh, and how could my day not be a little brighter with this message on facebook from my romantic husband...

10 reasons why I love you so much:
1. Because you are so kind and loving to us all.
2. Because you are the bestest mummy and wifey in the world.
3. Because you make me feel needed and loved.
4. Because you said yes.
5. Because you put up with my computer games and all my other shit. Lol.
6. Because you want us to be happy together.
7. Because you sacrifice alot for me and our family.
8. Beca
use you are making yourself a better person for us all.
9. Because you are so incredibly beautiful.
10. Because you are there for me when I need you.

I love you more than words can say. And more than you'll ever imagine.

Just a little message to let you know I'm always thinking of you.

If that's not going to put a smile on my face I don't know what will!  It was so thoughtful and such a nice surprise!!

Everything was peaceful probably until about 4pm when an attack of the crankies overcame the boys.  My quickest solution for that time of the day?  BATHTIME!  Definitely distracts them from laying in to each other, at least for a little while!

They were actually enjoying it despite Jaydens cranky face! Lol! 

Tomorrow will be a new day, hopefully faced with a little more wellness and energy!  (It has to be or I will be buried alive under the toys and mess that accumulated around the house today!)

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