Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sometimes you just need to relaxxxxxx...

So, sometimes I set the bar too high.  At probably 12am last night (this morning) I wrote myself an awesome to-do list.  Really, it was fantastic!  It would have my house looking sparkly, boys played with, phone calls made, yummy snacks made and of course some time for Mum to exercise and chill out...
This is NOT my home! lol...

Yeah, I know, I think at the times between 10pm-1am I'm living on another planet and I really should just be in bed asleep!

So what have I managed?  Louis to school 45min late, Dylan cracking it about going to kinder (something about Super Mario Bros being his work and he couldn't be expected elsewhere today), a healthy snack of corn chips opened and dumped in a bowl, and instead of that quick run and sit-ups, I managed to snuggle up with my boys under a blanket and snooze for 1/2 an hour! 

Can I blame the change in the weather?  This week just seems like such a struggle!  I'm trying to just go with it instead of beating up on myself about my long list that is almost doubling each day due to my lack of concern from the day prior. 

I'm expecting I'll get a burst of energy about 3pm...I tend to naturally pick myself up around then and run around doing laundry, cooking dinner (which tonight will be home made butter chicken, a vegetarian version and a simple Korma curry for the boys), bath times and some floor clean ups!  Of course by then I never get it all done but that's how this crazy mummy operates!! It also makes it easier when Louis and Michael get home because the boys haves have two more people to give them attention!

In complaining about all of this on here, without the hustle and bustle of achieving everything in a day, I do tend to have a lot of really great moments with my boys and unlike the days when the house is immaculate (?? Ok who am I kidding...neat enough? liveable? has a clear path through the middle of the lounge room?)  where I resist them making more mess, today it really doesn't matter!  You want more Lego's out? Sure, why not! You want to draw with every pencil/crayon/texta that we have? Go for it! You want to pull the couch apart and use every pillow to make a fort?  Let's go!

Aww..all snuggled up for a movie!

I think it's also nice to just let them go crazy and do more clean up when they're in bed at night!  Otherwise, it can be so easy to get frustrated when you pack something up and especially Jayden, just follows me around pulling it all back out again!

Ethan and Jayden love the bigger Duplo and Megabloks, and Dylan, just turned 5, is a pro at Lego!

My boys will only be this little for such a short time!  I don't want to be one of those cranky mums (although, god knows I have had my fair share of occassions) that is more worried about a perfect home and teaching my kids all of those lessons that we're fearful they'll never learn on their own instead of just loving and enjoying them!

Yes, that is all 4 of them sitting ON the table to eat lunch

The more I'm feeling overwhelmed and in need of a break the more cranky I tend to be with the boys! As a Mum we all know that everyone in our home just tends to absorb our moods and emotions and then all of a sudden we're in total CHAOS! 

Ethan is always pulling faces when I have the camera's a rarity to get him simply smiling! Love it...

They may not have a chore list or strict rules, however they will learn that their Mummy was here for them everyday and happy to help out.  They don't need the worries of all that when they're so little (and neither do I!) They are already such kind, loving boys.  I love that when they give it's genuine - not beause I'm paying them, or they get a reward, or because we make them feel guilty.  It's because they want to help!  Such a nice feeling.

Shaving cream!!  

I feel better just writing that all down!! You'll either read and thank you're lucky stars you're a more organised person than I am, or maybe you'll even take a breath and give yourself the chance to slow down next time you're feeling a little over it! Take the chance to stop what you're doing re-connect with your kids and build that relationship that is more important than all of the little things that we place too much importance on.

Otherwise you might miss moments like this! (Note, the laundry and god knows what else int he background!)

and this...(I know so many people that would be horrified that we still often give Jayden, 2 a cuddle to sleep...I can only say that I wish I wasn't so worried about it with my first 3!)

On that note, the boys are watching "The Incredibles" so now is my opportunity to get a few jobs done...

 I LOVE this!  A little too close to home I'd say...(Or maybe "Wow honey, the house is so clean! Who's coming over for a visit?)

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