Friday, May 4, 2012

My Family...Louis

Louis Robert Visser
Born 09th October 2005
Weight: 2.67kg (5lb14)
Length: 46cm

To say I was excited about my little baby was an understatement...he was my dream come true!
Cheeky smile - around 4 months old

Louis seemed to grow so fast!
1 year old - it was about now that he got a photo shoot in a Target catalogue!
Cutie pie - A big boy in his car seat!
One of my all time favourite photo's...I was pregnant with Dylan in this shot!
Big muscles!

A trip up to Donna Buang to see the snow
Mr. Serious
At the beach
Learning to surf!

Yes, he's got a biscuit in his mouth, but how cute is he!! Lol

Mr Parrot

This was at a pre-kinder class Louis and I went to together - so much fun!

First day of 3yo kinder
Ready for a trip to Oma and Opa's farm!

Kinder bonnet parade

4yo Kinder photo

Spunky new haircut!

A visit to our new home!
Happy 5th Birthday - A party at Hungry Jacks with is kinder friends

1st Day of school

Louis attended Tae Kwon Do in 2011

A visit to kinder

Koala Louis
Swimming sports with his new super fast hair cut

Playdoh sandwich
Jumping Pillow

Lot's of fun using coloured hairspray

New Pyjama's for Easter 2012

OK, so it has been a total spin out putting all these photo's up!  Where has the time gone??

Louis was a serious little baby, often people would say he looked like an old soul. He started talking before he was 1yo and reading by 4yo.  He is quite the perfectionist which we're trying to help with but I think he's definitely getting better at taking risks now that he's getting older.  He has been an absolute blessing to our family and such an awesome big brother!

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